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Welcome!  We are glad you're here!
Our hotline # is 402-841-6014
Call this number if you need to talk to a recovering addict for help. 

Meetings are no longer held at Trinity Church.  Go to the meeting list page to see where Norfolk meetings are now.

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Narcotics Anonymous is a Fellowship of men and women who are learning to live without drugs.  We are a nonprofit society and have no dues or fees of any kind.  Each of us has paid the price of membership.  We have paid dearly for the right to recover with our pain.
Surviving against all odds,  we are addicts who meet regularly to listen for the message of recovery.  We realize there is hope for us at last.
The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop using drugs.  Thats it.
This is a very simple spiritual,  NOT  religious program--and with a little honesty and open-mindedness you can be free of active addiction.
Free to live the life you were supposed to be living.

We dont have to use drugs ever again!
We DO recover!

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